Reconnecting to your True Self Worth

Amanda Hildebrant Psychotherapy and Coaching

Amanda Hildebrant Psychotherapy and Coaching

Reconnecting to your True Self Worth

Reconnecting to Your True Self Worth

Relationships are the deepest part of our existence.  We exist within the relationship with ourselves and with others.  To the extent at which we heal our relationships and learn to flourish in the strength of those, we can feel freedom like we never knew.

Most people find themselves in adulthood feeling disconnected or hurt and can easily conjure up times they felt abandoned, betrayed, or disappointed within relationships.  These moments can go back as far as early childhood or they can be as fresh as what happened today.

Typically the themes of difficulty can be seen in all types of encounters.  Workplace, friendships, family, and especially romantic relationships can all be impacted.

All too often we point the finger at others to help use feel better in relationship.  Are you a victim of getting caught up in the blame game?  The good and the bad is this- you are the person who needs to change for relationships to get better- you won’t grow if you find yourself wanting to look to others to change YOUR LIFE.

At times we let our self care fall apart in search of immediate relief from pain and we lose our ability to follow through on goals we have for healthy living, socializing, career goals, personal organization, and so on.

The process to move out of these patterns isn’t easy or for the faint of heart, but it is so damn amazing when it happens.


Walking confidently into a room and feeling genuine interest in others rather than second guessing yourself.

Embracing conflict and speaking up for yourself easily when something doesn’t feel right.

Knowing  your own body signals that give us the connection with our intuition and inner genius to keep us safe in relationship and allow us to really connect.

To spend time laughing and playfully connecting with others rather than sulking, playing small, or being passive aggressive.

To feel freedom in our bodies for greater passion, excitement, and joy.

Ready to Connect with your True Worth?

What Clients Are Saying:

Amanda is outstanding at what she does!  She is a gifted practitioner who cares deeply about her clients and is passionate about the work she does with them.  The change she has inspired in my life has been incredibly impactful and empowering.  I have enjoyed every moment that I spent speaking with Amanda, even during the most challenging of sessions.  She has a very nurturing and supportive way of bringing insight to very complex and painful issues.  I am so grateful for the powerful influence she hash ad on my life!  Former Client Katie P.

Amanda is both warm and supportive.  I was made to feel like I was in a secure, safe space with her where my thoughts were valid and understood.  Since meeting with Amanda I feel like I’ve grown emotionally and am better equipped to deal with the different situations that arise in life.  I am very thankful to you for that, Amanda.  Former Client Polly E.

Ready to Connect with your True Worth?